Annual School Musical

Congratulations to the cast of The Aristocats KIDS for a fun and engaging performance! Integrating the arts doesn’t simply enrich our program, but offers children access to a vital creative resource. Our theater activities include acting games, improvisation, play-writing and an annual musical production.

Ravens Class Field Trip (ages 9-11)

Raven students had a great opportunity to tour the Renton Airport! The students explored so much of the history there, learned about different planes, and how they are maintained. In the flight simulators, each student practiced take off, flying around Renton and landing the airplanes.

Wilderness Explorations Chinook and Kokanee

Chinook and Kokanee had a great fall season exploring, wandering and making great connections as Naturalists. We gathered many colors to make mandala compasses. (This will weave into our return in the spring for our mapping and landmark work.) We closed with our traditional tea, sharing gratitude, highlights, wishes for the coming season and what we look forward to learning in the spring.

Coho Class (ages 5-6)

In the Coho class, we write class poems several times a month, pumpkins inspired one of our October poems.

Jac-O-Lanterns are … fun, spooky, awesome, hilarious, lighting up, pointy teeth, carved, squishy, exploding orange, scary, pretty, filled with seeds.

by: the Coho Class.

Chinook Class (ages 7- 9)

The Chinook Class visited the Living Computer Museum in SoDo to explore their interactive gallery of computers, robotics, digital art, internet of things, virtual reality and more. Students worked with programming in Basic, played chess with a computer and got to make card board computers to better understand the parts of a computer. Students learned about what makes something a computer – input, processing, memory and output! Just like our brains!