Coho Classroom (ages 5-6)

A new school year begins at The Bridge School and Coho students start with what they know best, themselves!  Students explore their artistic sense and self-identity by creating a variety of self portraits to display in the classroom.


Raven Class (ages 9-11)

A new school year begins at The Bridge School and the Raven class looks forward to an academically rigorous year. Students are off to a great start learning about the scientific method, practicing observation skills using their five senses, starting Keyboarding Without Tears, and participating in our readers workshop.

Miles for May!

The school is getting fit and fundraising at the same time with Miles for May – our annual month long running event.  Every Thursday in May we head to Lake Burien School Park and run or walk laps before lunch.  We keep track of each quarter mile lap – the kids’ enthusiasm during this has been amazing!


Coho Class at Seahurst (ages 5-6)

Our cooperative school is successful because of the parents who dive in to help in a variety of ways.  The Coho class is able to explore Seahurst beach every Wednesday thanks to parent support and dedication.  We’ve been learning about the various birds that call Seahurst home.  A parent with knowledge and passion has been taking the time to share her knowledge with the class over the past few weeks.   We appreciate our dedicated parents so much!