Raven Class – (ages 9-11)

These gorgeous bags will soon be available for purchase. The Raven Class made block prints in Wilderness Explorations and used them to print on organic cotton totes. This is part of the class’ endeavor to raise funds for our multi-day, overnight adventure to the Mount Rainier Institute in the spring. Through this effort the class has learned about the basics of business finance – cost, price point, profit etc… We’ve naturally integrated math; working with decimals, percentages, multi-layered problems in a relevant and meaningful way. Stay tuned for sales of these tote bags and our other fundraising efforts in the next couple of months!

Real Life Geometry

One of our parents works in construction and brought in site drawings from a past project for the Raven (ages 9-11) students to explore. This extends their mathematical understanding of geometry by providing an opportunity to connect concepts to real-life, concrete applications.

Coho (ages 5-6)

Each week we spend time at Seahurst Beach observing nature with our senses. After walking on the beach, students use their sense of sight and draw in their nature journals what they see on the horizon. Students captured the mountains, water, and even the heron perched in the trees above. Observations recorded with pictures and words help teachers document growth throughout the year.


The Raven Class (ages 9-11)

The Raven Class (ages 9-12) expressed an interest in learning other languages, so we integrated this curiosity into cursive practice by writing numbers in French.  Being responsive to student interests we can create meaningful, authentic and relevant learning experiences (another term for this way of teaching is “emergent curriculum”).

Coho Classroom (ages 5-6)

The loft and library are always open in the Coho room. You’re always certain to find at least one student resting or reading a good book in our cozy reading area. Whether students are using pictures to read the story, or reading the words themselves, every student in starting to view themselves as a reader.