Coho Class (ages 5-6)

In the Coho class, we write class poems several times a month, pumpkins inspired one of our October poems.

Jac-O-Lanterns are … fun, spooky, awesome, hilarious, lighting up, pointy teeth, carved, squishy, exploding orange, scary, pretty, filled with seeds.

by: the Coho Class.

Chinook Class (ages 7- 9)

The Chinook Class visited the Living Computer Museum in SoDo to explore their interactive gallery of computers, robotics, digital art, internet of things, virtual reality and more. Students worked with programming in Basic, played chess with a computer and got to make card board computers to better understand the parts of a computer. Students learned about what makes something a computer – input, processing, memory and output! Just like our brains!


Kokanee Wilderness Explorations

The Kokanee class had a full day at the south beach at Seahurst expanding our knowledge of how birds and mammals make preparations for the fall to later thrive in the winter. Our focus was on the tree squirrel – leading our work into making a kid-size drey (squirrel nest). It wasn’t possible to put it in the tree, but many kids took to climbing to pretend they were in their drey. There was also time to enjoy roasting apples, making charcoal pencils for drawing and an awesome game of Cross the River.

Coho Classroom (ages 5-6)

A new school year begins at The Bridge School and Coho students start with what they know best, themselves!  Students explore their artistic sense and self-identity by creating a variety of self portraits to display in the classroom.


Raven Class (ages 9-11)

A new school year begins at The Bridge School and the Raven class looks forward to an academically rigorous year. Students are off to a great start learning about the scientific method, practicing observation skills using their five senses, starting Keyboarding Without Tears, and participating in our readers workshop.

Miles for May!

The school is getting fit and fundraising at the same time with Miles for May – our annual month long running event.  Every Thursday in May we head to Lake Burien School Park and run or walk laps before lunch.  We keep track of each quarter mile lap – the kids’ enthusiasm during this has been amazing!