Outdoor Learning

To meet the challenge of teaching and learning during these unusual times, our Bridge School teachers and staff have created outdoor learning spaces and opportunities for small groups. Students have enjoyed working with their teachers for short in person classes in our open air classrooms, in addition to experiencing zoom classes with their entire class.

Creative Enrichment – Traveling Table (Ages 8-11)

Each week this session we are traveling to a new geographic location to explore cultures through cooking and art.  So far, we’ve adventured to Ukraine to make Pierogies and experiment with Pysanky egg designs and then to Thailand for Thai Red Curry, Green Papaya Salad and to craft Loy Krathaong floating rafts.  We learned about the Thai tradition of floating rafts to thank the water spirits for sustaining life and a successful rice harvest. Stay tuned for our next adventure!

Chinook Class (Ages 8-10)

Last week the Chinook Class spent a chilly afternoon in Seahurst Park for their Outdoor Education. They enjoyed the falling snow and learned first hand about insulation by doing an experiment designed to keep gelatin from solidifying and practiced keeping themselves warm in the cold weather.  Hands on science in action at The Bridge School!