Applying to The Bridge School

Thank you for your interest in The Bridge School. We are not currently accepting applications for the 2020-2021 Core Academic Program as we are fully enrolled at this time. 

If you are interested in applying for the 2021-2022 school year, please complete the Parent Inquiry Form below and we will let you know when our application window opens.  

Admissions Calendar 2021-2022

  • December 5, 2020
  • January 23, 2021
    • Virtual Informational Open House
  • February 12, 2021:
    • New Student Application Deadline (Online application, Application fee, Student Visit* & Teacher Evaluation)
    • Financial Aid Application Deadline (Yeargin, Sibling)
  • March 12, 2021:
    • Notification of Acceptance for New Students
    • Notification of Financial Aid Awards
  • March 31, 2021:
    • Acceptance Deadline (Enrollment Agreement & Registration Fee Due)
  • April 9, 2021:
    • Registration Deadline
  • May 5, 2021:
    • First Tuition Installment Due for 2021-2022

*Details to come.

Application Procedure: Core Academic Program

We are honored that you are exploring The Bridge School as a potential educational program for your child and family. The decision regarding how to best support your child’s education is among the most important a parent can make and we hope learning more about us through our website, classroom observation and Open House will help you decide whether our program is the right fit for you.

Our Core Academic Program for full day students runs during the regular school year Monday- Friday.  The Bridge School serves children ages 5-11 and we use age-based designations for our classes rather than grades.  This translates to grades K-5, and students completing our program will be ready to enter 6th grade at another school.

To enroll in The Bridge School Core Academic Program, a child must have reached five years of age by August 31st for the enrollment year.

Questions? Contact

Application Steps for 2021-2022:
  1. Complete Parent Inquiry Form
  2. Read the The Bridge School – Letter to Prospective Families

The application window will open on December 5, 2020. Please complete the following additional steps:

  1. Attend Informational Open House 
  2. Submit New Student Application & Fee
  3. Attend Prospective Parent Observation
  4. Attend Student visit 
  5. Submit Teacher Evaluation Form

Application Procedure: Cedar Play School

We are not accepting applications for the 2020-2021 Creative Enrichment Program at this time as our workshops are full.  Please complete the Parent Inquiry Form if you would like to be placed on a wait list or are interested in this program for the 2021-2022 school year.

Our Core Academic Program includes Creative Enrichment Workshops on Friday mornings. Cedar Play School is for our incoming Coho students, and is also held on Friday mornings throughout the school year.  These Friday classes are also open to the homeschooling community; we welcome you to join us!

Students are given Creative Enrichment Workshop choices throughout the year as part of our Core program.  Applications for Cedar Play School are accepted on a rolling basis; we encourage a short visit with your child prior to applying.

For full descriptions: Creative Enrichment Course Descriptions – 2021-2022 Coming Soon

Application Steps for 2021-2022:
  1. Complete Parent Inquiry Form

We will contact you when the application window opens to complete the following additional steps:

  1. Creative Enrichment Enrollment Application 
  2. Homeschooling Families
    • Creative Enrichment – AutoPay Authorization Form
    • Registration Forms
  3. Enrolling more than one child?  See “Applying for Financial Aid” below and submit an application for a additional sibling tuition reduction.


Core Academic Program Tuition for 2020-2021

  • Application Fee: $85
  • Registration Fee: $400
  • Annual Tuition – Part Day: $5610
  • Annual Tuition – Full Day:  $6600

Creative Enrichment Program Tuition for 2020-2021

  • Application Fee: $25
  • Creative Enrichment Workshop Tuition: $200-$550 per workshop
  • Cedar Play School Annual Tuition: $1000

Applying for Financial Aid

The Bridge School strives to remain accessible to all families regardless of make-up, work schedules or life situations while maintaining our commitment to a cooperative model. In an effort to recognize and value each family’s time, talents and financial ability, we offer several tuition and financial assistance options.

Yeargin Scholarship

The Yeargin Scholarship Fund offers a limited number of scholarships for families with demonstrated financial need. Yeargin Scholarships are combined with all other scholarship awards to cover a maximum of 50% of Core Academic tuition. Awards are made in the spring for the following school year.

Please complete The Bridge School Financial Aid Application and the online SSS Parent Financial Statement to apply.

The Bridge School – Financial Aid Application Form

2021-22_How_to_Apply_for_Financial Aid through_SSS

Temporary Scholarship

We have a limited amount of financial aid reserved for families experiencing unexpected emergencies during the school year.  Scholarships are awarded for up to two months and cover a maximum of 50% of Core Academic tuition.

Please complete the Temporary Scholarship Request Form to apply.

Temporary Scholarship Request Form