Our Approach

We are honored that you are exploring The Bridge School as a potential program for your child and family. The decision for how to best support your child’s education is among the most important you can make – please let us know how we can assist you in this process.

We focus on whole child development through academics, social-emotional growth, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Our schedule includes literacy and math workshops, project-based work and the use of broad interdisciplinary themes to encourage deep exploration. Field trips are important for expanding the classroom and students typically participate in 6-10 study-related outings per year.

We foster community building and social development by taking time to model, support and teach communication skills, conflict resolution, leadership and compassion for all. We believe that all human beings have an innate desire to connect with the natural environment and that children need hands-on, exploratory experiences outdoors. Every child participates in our Wilderness Explorations outdoor program throughout the year, held at Seahurst Park in Burien. 

We believe that integrating visual and performing arts into our core program doesn’t simply enrich it, but is a vital creative resource for children.  Theater activities include acting games, improvisation, play-writing and an annual musical production.  All students have weekly instruction in visual arts and music with the goal of developing self-expression in a safe space.  In addition, Creative Enrichment Workshops provide deep dives into creative topics.

We believe that all students join us just where they need to be and track growth with a variety of assessment tools and learning continuums, as well as regularly review state standards. Each student is supported as an individual and a valued member of our school community.

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Elementary School Enrollment

First Year Enrollment – Students Age 5-6*

Weekly Schedule: Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-12:45pm   

First Year Enrollment refers to students entering elementary school for the first time, either from a preschool program, or home care – this is traditionally referred to as the kindergarten year.  Most students will be age 5 on August 31 of the enrollment year, though some students enter at age 6. Students join our Coho Classroom of mixed age students and spend one to two years in this class.  First year students have the option of adding Friday mornings to their weekly schedules by enrolling in Cedar Play School, one of our Creative Enrichment Workshops for additional tuition for all or part of the year.

Full Enrollment – Students Ages 6-11

Weekly Schedule: Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-3pm; Friday 8:30-12pm   

Students enter full enrollment at The Bridge School Program once they have completed their first year with us or completed kindergarten at another school or at home; they will be the equivalent of first through fifth grade. Students are assigned to a mixed age classroom during the summer prior to the start of the year with the goal of creating balanced cohorts that support individual and group learning. The weekly schedule includes our Core Academics Monday-Thursday and Creative Enrichment Workshops on Friday mornings. Students may submit an alternate learning plan for Fridays during Fall, Winter and/or Spring sessions for approval by the Instructional Director.

Creative Enrichment Workshops – Ages 4-11

Weekly Schedule: Friday, 8:30am-12pm   

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Creative Enrichment Workshops offer creative, hands-on topics and experiences.  Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions offer a variety of topics, with past courses including theater skills, play-writing, yearbook, wood working, cooking, photography, science, storytelling and more.  One of our most popular workshops – Bridge to Broadway – culminates in a performance of a Junior Broadway musical!  All students age 6 and older who are fully enrolled in our elementary program are automatically enrolled in Creative Enrichment.  

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Cedar Play School is a workshop for the youngest members of our learning community ages 4-5 on August 31 of the enrollment year. Children are given a rich environment in which to learn and play through stories, art projects, hands on exploration and outdoor activities. This is an active class to support the natural curiosity and wonder of young children. First year students in the elementary program may opt into this workshop for one or all sessions.

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We welcome homeschooling families to join us for Creative Enrichment – See Admissions Page for information

Friday Aftercare

Weekly Schedule: Friday, 12-3pm   

Friday Aftercare is a new program available for students fully enrolled in the elementary program who need a full day care throughout the week.

Summer Camps

The Bridge School offers week long summer camps based on student interest and staff availability.