We understand that families have different educational needs and preferences. We currently offer a full school schedule that consists of the following components:

Core Academic Program

Monday – Thursday, 8:30am–3pm (full day, ages 6-11)

Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-1pm (part day, age 5)

The Core Academic Program uses the full strength of our learning community to focus on student development of academics, social-emotional growth, creativity and problem-solving concepts and skills. The schedule includes literacy and math workshops, project-based work and the use of broad interdisciplinary themes and field trips to encourage deep exploration. We foster community building and social development daily by taking the time to actively model, support and teach communication skills, conflict resolution, compassion for all and leadership practice. Weekly all-school meetings and cross-class “buddies” provide broader multi-age learning experiences and mentor opportunities.

Field trips are an important part of curriculum so that we can take learning out of the classroom and student typically participate in 6-10 study-related field trips per year.

We believe that all human beings have an innate desire to connect with the natural environment and that children need hands-on, exploratory experiences outdoors. Every child participates in our outdoor program and spend 2-3 hours outside each week at Seahurst Park in Burien. The Outdoor Program includes earth science, nature observation, skill-building, hiking and journaling.

We believe that integrating the visual and performing Arts into our program doesn’t simply enrich it, but is a vital creative resource for children.  Our theater activities include acting games, improvisation, play-writing and an annual full musical production.  All students have regular music instruction and are taught to play the ukulele around age 7 – some students love even bringing them out to recess to practice!  All full day students participate in creative Exploration classes such as drawing, painting, print-making, clay and hand crafts.

Creative Enrichment Program for 2020-2021

Fridays, 8:30am-2:00pm

This program complements our Core Academic program by offering students the chance to expand their academic, social and problem-solving skills through creative and active workshops.  Topics for elementary aged students vary year to year, but typically focus on creative, hands-on skills and thinking including theater, art, music, science and construction skills.  The Fall session traditionally culminates in a performance of a Junior Broadway musical in January.

Cedar Play School is an enrichment class for the youngest members our learning community, ages 4-5 (on August 31, 2020). Children are given a rich environment in which to play through creative storytelling, art projects and hands on, imaginative exploration. Mornings begin with movement, song and story, after which children feed their curiosity through sensory activities that connect with the season and the natural world through our garden and seasonal foods.

For full description for the current year and to enroll, see our Addmissions page.

Summer Camps

The Bridge School offers week long, half day summer camps based on student interest.  Camps offered for the upcoming summer will be listed here in February or March.